CHAIR: Shalea Walter

: Stephen Anderson, Adam Miller, Trent Dansel, Nikki Romolo

: Robert McCormack
The Steering Committee is the coordinating body of Centurions. The committee acts as the leader and manager of the standing task force committee assignments, delegates other assignments, and performs the initial review of special projects and situations that require a vote from all active members.


The Steering Committee’s ultimate goal is to ensure the smooth operation of the program. The Committee will review all monthly standing committee reports and updates and ensure the functions of the committees are carried out in accordance with Centurions’ objectives and bylaws. The primary goal of Steering is to work with the Greater Kansas City Chamber of Commerce to foster and reinforce an environment in which the membership has significant opportunity to effectively learn, serve, and lead in the greater Kansas City area.


In addition to ongoing facilitation of the activities undertaken by the group, Steering is focusing on the following initiatives:
  • Review and update bylaws, creating a consistent set of criteria by which the organization will abide as it moves into the future
  • Establish a higher level of formalization for committees and task forces. Establish specific goals and responsibilities and (when appropriate) specific criteria by which successes will be measured
  • Establish an ongoing Centurions brand that can be used to more effectively communicate the organization, its mission, and its accomplishments to the Greater Kansas City community
  • Create a better understanding among the membership of what’s involved with ensuring bylaws and member expectations are followed
  • Manage the overall program budget

Greater Kansas City Chamber of Commerce