- Frequently Asked Questions -

Will the new cohort operate differently than the current cohort?
The operation, function and program design of the Centurions Leadership Program (as outlined in the bylaws) will remain primarily the same. Minor accommodations will be made for the new cohort’s first year, as there will not be any second-year members. 

When will recruiting for the new cohort begin?
Recruiting will begin immediately. The Centurions Program has a list of potential applicants that will be used to communicate upcoming information sessions and recruiting socials. 

Who will coordinate the recruiting efforts? 
For the first year, KC Chamber staff will plan all recruiting events with assistance predominantly from alumni as well as any actives that serve on the current cohort’s Recruiting Committee who would like to volunteer. 
Will the application, application fee, tuition and budget change? 
The application will be the same as the June 2017 version. The $65 application fee, letter of recommendation and signed commitment page will still be required. Beginning in 2018 for the classes of 2020, tuition for organizations with more than 250 employees will be $3,500 and organizations with fewer than 250 employees, $2,500. The new cohort will have a separate operating budget (like the current cohort). 

Will the interview, application review and selection process change?
The process will essentially remain the same. Each applicant will be interviewed by a combination of actives and alumni and each application will be reviewed by a group of actives and alumni volunteers. The selection committee will select of applicants will follow the process as outlined in the current Centurions bylaws, with the exception of the final selection committee being adjusted due to the absence of second year members. 

What is the current application, interview and selection timeline?
Applications will be made available online on December 15. For the first year, applications will be due February 1, 2018. Interviews will take place the weeks of February 5 and 12. Applications will be scored during this same period. Following the compilation of all applicant information and scores, the final selection committee will review and select the new cohort. All applicants accepted into the program will be notified no later than February 28. 

Who will be eligible to apply for the new cohort?
In keeping with the bylaws, the new cohort will be open to any applicant from a KC Chamber member company/organization. This includes prior applicants, those who are currently on the recruiting list as well as companies who already have a participant in the current cohort. A member organization may have a participant in each cohort. 
When will the new cohort officially begin? 
The new cohort will officially begin in March 2018, with the two major events (First-Year Breakfast and Kick-Off Social) both scheduled for that month. 

Will the new cohort have separate large-scale events (i.e., retreat, graduation, benchmarking trip, etc.)? 
The new cohort will have its own retreat, graduation and benchmarking trip. KC Chamber staff will work primarily with alumni volunteers to help plan the agenda and organize participants’ activities for each of these large-scale events. 
At any time, will there be combined programming between the two cohorts? 
The two cohorts will operate independently in order to complete required programming that has already been established. In unique circumstances when there are opportunities to collaborate on joint events that aren’t mandatory to the program’s bylaws, combined programming will be encouraged. 

Will Task Forces operate the same? 
Task Forces will plan and execute required programming but chairs will not be appointed the first year. Instead, Centurions Alumni will act as honorary chairs to assist with planning Task Force days. Task Force days will begin in May 2018, and take place on the fourth Friday of each month. The Benchmarking Trip Task Force is scheduled to take place November 7-9, 2018. 

Will Committees operate the same? 
Committees will plan and execute all required programming, but chairs will not be appointed the first year (Steering included). Instead, Centurions Alumni will act as honorary chairs to assist the committees with their respective meetings/events/programming. Legacy hours will not be required the first year as the Legacy Committee will focus on selecting their legacy project for 2019. Steering meetings will take place on the third Thursday of each month, May-January. 

How will honorary chairs be selected and each cohort distinguished? 
KC Chamber staff will meet with interested Centurions Alumni volunteers in December and throughout the coming months. Honorary alumni chairs will be appointed by KC Chamber staff based on interest. Staff will also work with alumni volunteers to implement a distinguishable name for each cohort. The assigned names will help identify all communications and planning for the respective cohorts, and will be established within the first year of the new cohort’s operation. 

What are the additional resources to run the Centurions Leadership Program?
The KC Chamber has assigned additional staff support to assist with the workload required to operate a second cohort. As practiced with the current cohort, the new cohort’s budget will include an expense line item for staff/administrative costs incurred by the program. 

What are the next steps and how can I help? 
The KC Chamber is very excited for the opportunity to accept more dedicated emerging leaders into the Centurions Leadership Program. Encourage your networks to apply! 
2018-2019 Program Year Timeline

Applications Available Online December 15, 2017

Information Session December 19, 2017/ 8-9 a.m. / KC Chamber (light breakfast)

Information Session January 3, 2018/ 12-1 p.m. / KC Chamber (lunch provided)

Information Session January 16, 2018 / 8-9 a.m. / KC Chamber (light breakfast)

Information Session January 22, 2018 / 12-1 p.m. / KC Chamber (lunch provided)

Applications Due February 1, 2018

Interviews Weeks of February 5 and 12 / KC Chamber Offices

Notification of Acceptance No later than February 28

First-Year Breakfast March 15 / 7:30-9 a.m. / KC Chamber Board Room

Kick-Off Social March 27/ 5:30-7:30 p.m. / Location TBD

Retreat April 11-13, 2018 / The Elms Hotel & Spa

Task Force Days 4th Friday of each month, May-Jan

Benchmarking Trip Task Force November 7-9, 2018. / Location TBD

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