Ivan Nugent

Attorney, Kansas City Public Schools
Class of 2016
Past Active Steering Committee Chair

:  Next to receiving the letter indicating that I was selected to such a prestigious group, isn't just one memory, so bear with me as I explain.  My first months in the program I saw how accomplished my classmates were and began questioning why I was even selected for this group.  Towards the end of the first year the time came to leave Kansas City for the Big Easy.  The first night there we went to one of the fine establishments in the French Quarter. While listening to a band play, the lead singer asked who from the crowd would come on stage and sing Rapper's Delight with them.  The first two brave souls, tourists, failed miserably.  To this day I do not know what came over me.  It was either my frustration with watching people destroy a classic or a desire to seize the moment and dive head first into opening up and allowing my classmates to see a different side of me.  So, there I was, on stage, singing Rapper's Delight, with a band, to approximately half of my class and more strangers I did not know (won't happen again).  I think they all felt sorry for me and a month later voted me the 39th steering chair.  Ultimately, I was fortunate enough to be able to express my gratitude to my class for everything that they did for me in that two years.  That is what I will always remember. 

BEST BENEFIT: The best benefit of being a Centurion is the Alumni connection.  I have met more alumni in the past 8 months and it’s amazing how quickly you become friends. It’s just like being an active.  It is something that those who are not Centurions will never understand and something actives won't get until they are alum.  It's uncanny how this program brings people together who appear to be different but are very similar after you get opportunities to know people.

Greater Kansas City Chamber of Commerce